Hiring the Right Restaurant and Hospitality Staff

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    March 28, 2019
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When a hotel or on-site restaurant is short staffed, every part of the business suffers. Hiring managers in the hospitality industry are looking for the best fit while also balancing the urgency of getting open positions filled fast. Managers are often forced to compromise based on available labor. While this strategy may solve immediate problems—like getting a chef in the kitchen today—it often results in needing to re-hire for that same job in just a few short months. How can hotel or restaurant hiring managers break the cycle and get it right the first time?

Hiring in Competitive Markets

Having the right staff makes a difference to the bottom line. When you’re in a competitive market with naturally high turnover rates, hiring and keeping the right staff can be a daunting task. While some aspects of the position can’t be changed, like the location or compensation, you can make sure employees know what the job really entails, why it’s great, and why the not-so-great parts are important elements to everyone’s success. When employees are part of the team and understand their role in the operation, they take their job personally and go the extra mile to show pride in their work. Your goal is to seek out the employee that’s going to make that commitment.



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