About us

CafeSquad mission is to provide OnDemand Help for Restaurant Owners via Digital Solutions powered by Web, Social Media, Apps and AI. CafeSquad provides a subscription based digital solution to increase revenue for the restaurant owners by cutting down expenses on customer acquisition and online orders, getting on demand help and connecting with customers. CafeSquad offers features to make life of restaurant owners easier via our Web and Mobile Application. Our goal is to help the restaurant owners achieve their revenue goal utilized our bundled service packaged and help them grow their business. Easy to use features of CafeSquad along with OnDemand help from our support team makes CafeSquad an ideal solution for restaurant owners.
CafeSquad have helped hundreds of restaurants with website designing, restaurant business promotion, restaurant marketing restaurant advertising.
Cafe squad job portal is for restaurants owner and job seeker. Candidates who wants to work in restaurants will apply easily through cafesquad job portal and Restaurant owners will post their jobs.

CafeSquad has been serving in the restaurant industry since 2012, primarily helping restaurants serving

CafeSquad is leader in restaurant staffing, hire and train restaurant staff. It’s a one stop to hire restaurant delivery drive, hire restaurant server

Restaurant workers are always in demand and staffing will always be needed in the food service business.

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